The VPN Concept Overview

VPN is a virtual connection that is private. Why is it called so? It’s because basically this network does not exist physically, only a virtual network. And why is private? Because this network is a network of private nature which not everyone can access it. VPN Connecting a PC with a public network or the Internet but are private, because it is private so not everyone can be connected to this network and access it. Therefore, it needs data security.
The work concept of VPN, basically the VPN requires a server that serves as a liaison between the PC. If described by the scheme, looks like this:
Internet <-> VPN Server <-> VPN Client <-> Client
When used to connect 2 computers in private with the Internet network so like this:
Computer A <-> VPN Client <-> Internet <-> VPN Server <-> VPN Client <-> Computer B
So all is set by the VPN server connection so that it takes adequate capability for VPN Server connections can be smoothly. You can buy VPN service in VPN master.

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